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Neil Tortorella
Creative Latitude founding member
Management team member

Tortorella Design

Job title:
Creative Director/Owner – Tortorella Design

Graphic design for print & web
Branding & identity design
Marketing consulting

Practising since:


Fort Lauderdale, FL



Selected client list:
Stark County Development Board
Stark County Port Authority
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
US Ceramic Tile Company

Success story:
Stark County Development Board (SDB)

The SDB was in need of a web site redesign to align with the expansion of their services to the county business community and its larger audience across the country. The site didn’t align with the desired branding or provide any useful interactive elements.

The “brochureware” site provided some information, but lacked visuals and the excitement needed to generate interest in the Stark County area.

Tortorella Design reviewed the current site, as well as competitive sites, along with research into audience needs. This was done by tapping into SDB research and conducting our own study.

Once we found what was truly important and would motivate the audience, we got to work. We created a variety of comps for presentation along with navigation schemes. In addition we provided a site promotion plan, interactive elements and print materials to support the redesign.

The redesign provides easier navigation along with meaningful visuals. The color palette and typography were standardized and we developed standards for overall SDB branding. This resulted a tight ship for the SDB brand.

The redesigned site has become a primary point of contact for businesses seeking to relocate to Stark County and they witnessed a significant increase in traffic. It has reduced man-hours on the phone and, thereby, created a more efficient office operation.

The site now offers loan calculators for business owners to estimate loan costs for expansions, relocations and/or new operations. This function has helped the SDB pre-qualify loan applications, resulting in better loan application success.

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