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Herman D. Maldonado

hdm designs + partners

Job title:
creative director

Creative design
Website architecture
Branding design
Print media
Identity systems
Digital imaging
Research & usability testing
Strategic consulting
Technology consulting

Practising since:

Puerto Rico

San Juan



Selected client list:
Internet Society of Puerto rRco
Assoc of Public Relations Professionals
Cruz Azul / Blue Cross
America Online

Success story:

Altamente is a developer of open source software and linux-based servers. finding a market in puerto rico is very hard, and sales were low.

Marketing campaign (spanish & english) that plays off of their name. "alta" means "high," so we used 4 specific terms: alta comunicacion (ultimate communications), alta tecnologia (impact technology), alta defensa (extreme defense) and alta seguridad (secure speed) with visuals for each in the series.

Sales increased, customer retention increased, atlamente became the "gurus" in open source in puerto rico.web advertising / print ads

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