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Holy grail

The 'Holy Grail of Design' section has been set up to address issues pertinent to those new to the world of design.

If you would like to write an article touching on one of the subjects below, submit your creation to Derald, Creative Latitude's articles editor.

If you have questions about business startup issues, finding clients, sales, promoting your practice and other must-dos that fall outside of the creative process, contact Neil at Neil's Newbies.

If you have suggestions or helpful urls for this section, please contact Cat and put 'Holy Grail of Design' in the subject line.


How do I start in Graphic Design?

Do I need to have a degree in design?
Do I need a degree in design? by Alina Hagen
What are the best books for starting out?
Design by the Books by Jeff Fisher, Engineer of Creative Identity, Jeff Fisher LogoMotives
Design-It-Yourself GRAPHIC WORKSHOP by Chuck Green

How do I distinguish myself from the rest of the designers out there?
How do I distinguish myself from the rest of the designers out there? by Derald Shultz

Can I expect to make a living at Graphic Design?
Am I too old to become a Graphic Designer?
Ok, I got the interview, now what?
Nailing that next big interview by Christopher Gee
Informational Interview by Morgan Mann
Should I work for a design firm, in-house, or freelance? What are the differences between the three?
Where should I work? by Alina Hagen
I'm by myself, how do I find other creative people to share ideas with?
Gaining Insight and Inspiration from Veteran Designers by Ruth Farrugia
I'm not very good at drawing, how can I improve?
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Dr. Betty Edwards
I'm stuck! How do I juice up my creative flow? Where do other Graphic Designers go to get inspiration?
How The Creative Process Works by Derald Schultz
Can I use school projects and create fictional pieces for a portfolio if I'm short on real work?
Do you have any portfolio advice?
Portfolio, traditional? or not? by Alina Hagen
How to Prepare a Design Portfolio
How to Put Your Book Together and Get a Job in Advertising
Where can I find samples of creative resumes, cover letters, etc?
Sample Graphic Design Cover Letters

Where can I find examples of logos?
Brands of the World includes vector-forms of the top logos.

Where can I find image resources?
Stock Photos Creative Latitude Resources
Where can I find font resources?
Font Foundries
Creative Latitude Resources
Typography: General Creative Latitude Resources
Typography: Articles Creative Latitude Resources
Type Directors Wall Font inspiration
Mac or PC?
Mac or PC? The ongoing debate by Alina Hagen
Do I need to know how to pre-flight my files?
How do I deal with printers? What are the professional software programs printers accept? What does a printer need from me before he/she starts my project?
Sending Jobs for Output: A Crash Course by Valarie Martin Stuart
Digital File Preparation Guide Getting Your Digital Ducks in a Row
By Derald Schultz
Understanding Bleed by 'Production Perspective' editor Valarie Martin Stuart
What things do I need to include on a spec sheet so a printer can quote on my job?
What do I look for when a printer gives me proofs? Does my client need to see the proofs?
What do I need to do at a press check?
What are the pros and cons of digital vs. offset printing?
Digital Printing vs. Press Printing - A Comparison Guide by Erin Ferree
How do I rectify a printed job with errors in it with my client?
What computer programs do you need to know?
How do I set up a mechanical file?
I have a Graphic Design degree, but no one is hiring. How do I start a business sans experience?
Starting a creative practice with a degree ... but no experience by Neil Tortorella
How do I start a Graphic Design business with experience sans degree?
What kind of contract do I need? What areas are covered? How do I handle clients that laugh at my contracts?
Contract Basics: Getting the Client to Sign on the Dotted Line
By Christopher Gee
AIGA Standard Form of Agreement for Design Services
What happens if the client wants more than what the contract spells out? How do I handle change orders?
What is involved in a proposal, and how do I write one?
Crafting the perfect proposal by Neil Tortorella
What kinds of forms will I need for my design business?
Business Forms Creative Latitude Resources
When and why should I ever 'fire' a customer?
When, Why and How to Fire a Client by Derald Schultz
How do I charge? Should I charge less than an experienced designer for a complete project just because I'm 'new'?
The value of value-based pricing
Should a creative professional charge on an hourly basis, or a project basis? Here's the answer
by Valarie Martin Stuart
Where do I get clients?
10 ways to keep and get clients by Derald Schultz
Networking That Works by C.J. Hayden
Pitching and Winning Assignments Online by Travis N. Tom
What do I do with clients once I get them?
Getting Clients to View Design as Investment by Christopher Gee
Five Easy Steps to Successful Relationship Marketing by Claudia Temple
Getting the most from a design audit by Neil Tortorella
Handling Tough Questions by C.J. Hayden

Where do you meet with clients if you work from home?
Meeting Expectations by Erin Ferree

How do I master the art of talking and presenting to a client? I'm not very good with communication, how can I improve?
Let's Talk by John McWade
What is the protocol for accepting or declining a potential client who might be a "conflict of interest" with my existing client?
Is it ethical to seek out other design firms clients?
I sent my client an invoice and it is past due. What do I do now?
How often and how early in the process should I send in-progress ideas to clients?
What kinds of thank you gifts are appropriate to give to clients?
What is 'working on spec?' And how do design contests come into it?
When a "contest" is not a contest by Jeff Fisher, Engineer of Creative Identity, Jeff Fisher LogoMotives
Why We Don't Make Speculative Presentations by Creative Business
In their own words, why these designers are against Speculative Design Competitions by Catherine Morley

Where do I start when designing my own identity?
Self-Promotion–Finding Your Theme by Kevin Potts
What kinds of information should I include on my business card?
Information To Include On Your Business Card by Erin Ferree

What kinds of things can a paper rep do for me? How do I find which paper rep serves my area? What are paper dummies and where can I get paper samples?
How do I market my company?
A Winning Strategy: Industry awards as a marketing tool by Jeff Fisher
Mercifully Short Marketing Tips by Ilise Benun
The Marketing Mentor: an interview with Ilise Benun by Neil Tortorella
Marketing yourself with little cash and access to a webserver, etc

What type of non-profit groups or organizations could give my company exposure, and how do I go about it?

Profiting from Pro Bono Creative Efforts: An article by Jeff Fisher, Engineer of Creative Identity, Jeff Fisher LogoMotives
Probono guidelines: These guidelines spell out for all concerned how they should approach pro-bono work, to make the process a smooth one, and the results, a success.
When, Why & How?: Pro Bono / In-Kind / Donated Services for Mission-Based Organizations.
Pro-bono or No-bono: Discussion at
Gift horses, the racetrack and making hay: A practical article on working with pro bono's.
Navigating the Obstacles of Non-Profit Design: Use these 12 steps to negotiate the challenges of consensus-driven design - by Day Kirby (This article is an excert from the book  "Designing with Handcuffs: Working with Constraints" published by HOW Design Books.)
Could Non-Profit Work Be Profitable?: by Kelley Rao, Webeze

VolunteerMatch: A U.S. based nonprofit organization with a mission to help everyone find a great place to volunteer.
Probono Australia: An Australian based nonprofit organization with a mission to help everyone find a great place to volunteer. This non profit even has design competitions :-)
CharityFocus: CharityFocus can benefit from any way that you would like to help from working on the development of nonprofit websites to keeping our books.)
OpportunityNocs: The Internet's leading source of nonprofit jobs and career opportunities.
Nonprofit Career Network: Our focus is on bringing people together to identify the people who want to participate in the nonprofit sector and the organizations that have a need for those people.

Websites 101: how to register a domain, paying for stuff, reputable dealers, things to know before you go, etc.
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