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Calvin Lee

Calvin was born and raised in Los Angeles. He decided to become a designer due to his love of solving problems through visual communications. One of Cal's favorite quotes is: "Imagination is more important than knowledge."
~Albert Einstein.

Calvin has been a designer for the past six years, mostly as a Freelancer. In 2000, Calving created Mayem Studios as his identity.

For a number of years, Calvin was employed with the City of Los Angeles in the web department as a designer. It was here that he received an award for outsanding achievement from the Los Angeles City Counsel.

Calvin was also a Senior Designer/Art Director at a marketing firm, creating anything from flyers to packaging, as well as websites to environmental designs.

Calvin is currently freelancing.



Clinica Medica Familiar - Before
by Calvin Lee

This is a prescription poster I did for a hospital, Clinica Medica Familiar a while back.

I created a couple different color versions for them, here are the 2 English versions they decided on.

Design Brief:
The hospital in this community is majority Latino and low income families. They are a fairly large hospital, they have 3 locations plus a joint partnership with 3-4 other independent hospitals. Which brings it to anywhere in the neighborhood of 20-30 hospitals. They really don't have any competition.


BEFORE design elements needing attention:
As you can see from the original, it needed a redesign badly. The poster is pretty bad. It was plain with little color/graphics to draw any attention to it. It was designed by the admin person that works for the hospital. Since they were not getting any responses to the posters, they wanted me to punch it up.

See the AFTER results»

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