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Cat's fancy is a section devoted to interesting blogs and sites from around and about.

Each month Cat will pick a handful of blogs from 'Designers who Blog'. As a twist (instead of hearing Cat yammer on), she will step back to let the featured Bloggers share their personal fancies.

'Designers who Blog' has been touted as one of the top 50 sites to see on Communication Arts, as well as HOW Magazine's top ten sites to see on the Internet and IF - Top Ten Design Blogs for 2005.

If you have fancies of your own, please send Cat your fancies and Cat'll present them in the next issue. Or not.

Designers who Blog: NO!SPEC campaign
This was an amazing campaign to be involved in. Bloggers from all over chimed in to support the NO!SPEC campaign. This post celebrates the campaign from the beginning ... and ... there is no end.
Designers who Blog: Illustrators who blog
Inspiring Illustrators share their blogging experiences. If you are fence sitting over the blogging issue, this just might be the deciding point after reading all they have to say.
Designers who Blog: Creative Latitude bloggers
The Xmas issue will feature blogs and bloggers who have been in Cat's life for the past years and more. The majority you'll see here are long time friends (what better way to celebrate christmas?) and those who have touched Creative Latitude in a positive way. The criteria is simple, they have contributed to the design industry in a tangible way, and have not been featured in previous Cat's fancies, and a given, their blogs are updated on a regular basis.
Designers who Blog: Blogging groups
The November issue of 'Designers who blog' features the top and upcoming blogging groups from around the internet. If you haven't bookmarked them aleady, now is as good a time as any.
Designers who Blog: Well designed blogs
For the first issue of 'Designers who blog', Cat has chosen those which have caught her eye due to superb style and content. The range goes from outstanding photography, to excellent graphics and copy. Future issues will feature blogging groups, marketing, advertising, web standards, illustration, etc.
Previous Cat's Fancy issues
Drive-by Shooting in Thailand, Design @ 100 clicks per hour
The plan, yes, I know what the plan was, to arrive in the LOS (Land of Smiles) and hit the books and the keys after hitting the ground. Only I couldn't get to it, I found myself sitting, or rather, trying to sit, in a lounge chair that had only one setting, flat back. Not at all condusive to using a powerbook, but I managed to get through 'Don't make me think' for a second time to stave off the guilt of not getting right down to the promised DWMX2004 manuals.

Recent fancies from around and about
The first of Cat's fancies touched on interesting sites and happenings around the internet.

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Catherine (cat) Wentworth is the Project Manager of Creative Latitude, as well as one of the founding members.

Along with 20 other dedicated designers, Cat helped to create an exciting new campaign, NO!SPEC.

In addition to the above, she is the President of the newly formed Business of Design online.


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