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Derald Schultz is a team member of Creative Latitude, holding the esteemed position of Articles Editor.

In addition, Derald is founder and principal of Mediarail Design, Inc., a design firm based in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in graphic design, web design, prepress, and commercial printing services.

Mr. Schultz holds degrees in printing and publishing, and visual communications. He worked within the design community and printing industry for over 25 years before launching his own firm.

Mediarail Design serves a wide variety clients across the country.



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The Articles section is a wealth of information for new as well as experienced sellers and buyers of creative services. The subjects cover a wide spectrum from marketing to how much to charge for a project.

If you would like to write an article, submit your creation to Derald, Creative Latitude's articles editor. Also feel free to contact him with topic suggestions or ideas. Derald is here to help you get started, so reach out to him with any questions.

Remember, we're looking for subjects that will be of interest to the general viewership. That includes the design community as well as clients looking for creative services.

Editor's Note: We have received many articles over the last few months. If you do not see your article appearing in the next edition it is being held for future editions. If your article is declined I will notify you via email, and I usually offer a few tips, so it can be resubmitted and accepted.

Latest articles
La Revolutión Interior (Notes on the Icograda World Design Congress 2007, La Habana, Cuba) by Maggie Macnab
The last week of October I had the extraordinary experience of attending the Icograda International Design Congress in La Habana, Cuba. Over 600 designers, teachers and related professionals gathered from 57 countries to discuss the current state of design, how we teach and how we learn...
Can Blogging Help You Market Your Product Online?
by Robert W. Bly
Here’s a question I’ve been curious about lately: should marketers add blogging to their arsenal of marketing tactics? Will it help sell more products and services? Or is it – as I suspect – an utter waste of time...
Keeping Your Career Fresh By Eleni Swengler
At one time or another everyone finds that a job they once enjoyed no longer offers any challenges or opportunities for growth. There are still ways to be proactive about career development and professional growth...
What Makes You So Special? by Micah Choquette
Not long ago, I was on the phone with a guy who wanted to begin a graphic design business. His reason behind it was simple: he wanted to provide a cheap solution to the general public for graphic/web design...
The Seven Deadly Sins of Email Marketing by Dani Nordin
If done badly, however, you can lose readers, get lost in SPAM filters, or what's worse, completely embarrass yourself. Here are seven deadly mistakes (sins) to avoid when crafting your e-zine...
How to Write a Press Release for Your Design Services
By Shaun Crowley

If you have an interesting story to tell, a press release will help you to make newspaper editors aware of it. Maybe you recently won an award. Maybe you stumbled upon some interesting information in the field you...
Why Freelance? (Part 2) by Ronnie Lebow
Today, I woke up to sunshine after 4 gloomy, rainy days. I ate a leisurely breakfast, read the newspaper cover to cover, and walked my daughter to school. I came home, made a pot of coffee, and sat down to peruse my...
Logo Design Buyer's Guide By Harris Jhosta
Across a period of time a logo design is the image which symbolizes a corporation, its products and services in a complete explanatory manner. Its purpose is to create an unforgettable, familiar feeling on the mind of...
Don’t Waste Your Marketing Dollars on People Who Don’t Like Hot Dogs! By Barry A. Densa
Don’t you love going to a friend’s house just so they can whip out the latest family photos of fat ol’ uncle Ernie sitting in a beach chair, holding a warm beer and smiling like he just let out a fart. What joy!...
An Interview with Christy Ann Coppola, Founder of Coppola Design "An Insider's View on Color for Graphic Design" By Rachael Perls
I'd like to introduce you to Christy Ann Coppola, a very talented graphic designer. Christy Ann is the principal and creative director of Coppola Design, a visual communications firm located in Albany, New York...
Procrastination - A Four-Letter Word By Cindy Caldwell
What is procrastination and how does it become such an ingrained habit? We get into a horrible cycle of not doing what we are supposed to be doing, then feeling guilty about not doing it, so we go to our computers...
7 Reasons to Consider a Desktop for Your College Computer
by Scott Hawksworth
I am always asked what type of computer is best for college. People hear a lot of things, but mostly "Laptop, laptop, laptop!" I'm always first to tell freshman entering college to slow down and consider a desktop for a...
The Magnitude of E-Mail Attitude By Charlene Rashkow
Wanting to have a successful business is something we each hope to achieve and most of us do all the things we believe will get us there. But, we often forget that having a product or service to sell is not nearly as...
Let Your Creatives Create! By Leslie Burns-Dell'Acqua
Okay, so we’ve had the Super Bowl and the reactions to the ads are in. They are overwhelmingly “eh…not bad, but nothing wowed me.” Two of the highest ranking ads, in popularity and, according to the Today show...
Web 2.0Are We Bowing to a False Messiah? By Barry A. Densa
Are you absolutely beside yourself – giddy with delight because Web 2.0 has finally arrived to help you sell more, sell faster, make you richer, smarter, sexier, and lower your triglyceride levels?
The Friendship Between Corporate Sales and Creative Forces
By Cindy Caldwell
Think you don’t need a creative person in your corporate office? Think again.  If your sales staff is producing their own marketing materials, it may be time to consider a new “look.” Are your marketing materials so...
Going Back to the Creative Brief: When Clients Can't Vocalize What's Wrong by Dani Nordin
About six months ago, after a couple of client communication breakdowns that were much more stressful than I needed, I decided to implement a firm policy at the zen kitchen that all projects, with the exception of...
Portfolio Design 101 by Eleni Swengler
In the graphic design profession a portfolio documents your work and serves as a stepping stone to a design job. A portfolio should showcase the work it contains – not compete with it. It should also evolve as a...
Do You Look Good on Paper? by Charlene Rashkow
No matter how talented you are or how great you present yourself in person, if you’re in the market to attract new clientele and want to dazzle a potential customer with your qualifications, the one sure way to draw...
A Simple Guide to Brands, Corporate Identity and Logos
by John Amy

The first use of a brand was just that – a "brand", a mark of ownership on cattle. Later, trademarks were used to define individual products. The red triangle of BASS, the first trademark registered in England, was...
Your Personality and Developing Healthy Business Relationships
by Dani Nordin
In the past week, I've found myself involved in a series of conversations with various people in my network about business relationships. Whether you're just starting out in business or you've been doing it for 20 years...
How to Write a Business Plan by Charlene Rashkow
Perhaps you awoke this morning buzzing with excitement about a fantastic idea that occurred to you for a start up business opportunity.  Of course a concrete idea is the first and most important step in regard to your new...
On Creativity by Cheryl Swanson
(From her speech at FUSE, Brand Identity 2006)
Inspiration fuels our dreams; it unleashes our imagination so we can create, so we can think differently… Frankly, all of the practical
information in the world is useless unless we’re inspired to use it…
Coping With Clients Who Use Your Concept Design—Without Paying
by Pariah S. Burke

A client has taken your concept design and hired someone else to execute it for less money. The client is reaping the benefits of your talent and skill, but you’re still eating generic mac n’ cheese. What recourse...
12 Common Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make by Biba F. Pédron
Perhaps the first question to ask yourself then is whether you are in fact ready to start your own business. Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset?  Are you committed to spend all the time you need to...
Image is Everything? The Problem of Paper by Dani Nordin
One place you can start is by choosing paper wisely. Although those glossy sell-sheets and brochures you get from your online printer might look snazzy, most glossy stocks only contain about 10-15% post-consumer...
The Kind of Designer Your Client Needs by Micah Choquette
We're going to take a step outside the world of the designer-vs-client battle and look at another issue. I've read numerous articles on "how to handle" clients regarding everything from getting them to coaching...
An interview with Bert Benson, Founder of Art Bureau by Ann Ellis
Talented San Francisco based printmaker Bert Benson is well known for promoting the work of other artists through Art Bureau, his online gallery and limited edition publications. What motivates the man behind the...
More than Just Spec: The Curse of the "Just That Cool" Project
by Dani Nordin

I should have seen it coming. I knew it would happen eventually – the more people I meet as a self-employed designer, the more well-meaning new friends end up forwarding me job posting after job posting. Some...
Karmic Equity–In Search of Inspiration and Full Dog Bowls
by D'Lanie Blaze
I met this woman once whose passing statement changed my life. Her name was E.J. and I was training to take over her desk job in an office I knew I wouldn’t stay for long. When I was supposed to be working, and...
The Design Constitution by Chuck Green
What is your understanding of the dynamics of the Client/Creative relationship? I've heard lots of opinions and countless complaints, but in all my wanderings, I have yet to find a good, non-legalese consensus of...
Does Color Really Matter? by Charlene Rashkow
We've all read the countless publications about effective web site design, outstanding written content and the never ending need for search engine optimization, yet often the importance of color one chooses for a...
15 Ways to Maximize Your Networking Effort by Biba F. Pédron
When you join a group or an organization, it is very important that you commit to the group, and attend the meetings on a regular basis. Weekly or monthly depending on the group you choose...
Sleepless in Seattle: Thoughts on the CL Get Together
by Derald Schultz
In late April the staff at Creative Latitude got together. That may not seem like a noteworthy event to many of you, but the dirty little secret at CL is that with the exception of Neil and myself; none of us have ever...
The Illustrative Designer - Creative Process by Von Glitschka
Non-designers over the years have asked me "What do you do for a living." It's always been interesting how they respond when I tell them. Doesn't matter if I say "Graphic Designer" or "Illustrator" they tend to...
The Power of the Press (Release) by Jeff Fisher,
Engineer of Creative Identity, Jeff Fisher LogoMotives
For supposedly being creative individuals, it is surprising how many designers do not think creatively when it comes to marketing and promoting their own work. Getting your name out to potential clients...
Simple Tips for Writing an Engaging Article
Expand your reach and increase your credibility
by Carolyn Campbell, MA, CPPC
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of publications in print and on the web looking for articles on topics relating to the needs of their audience or clientele.  By sharing your expertise you will develop trust, connection...
Why We Don't Make Speculative Presentations by Creative Business
The main product of our business is ideas — creative solutions to the communications problems and opportunities facing our many clients. And good ideas — creativity — can be tough to define, or agree upon. One...

Why Speculative Work is Unethical by Habib Bajrami
Requests for speculative work are a plague on the industry of graphic design. Spec work is work for free without guarantee of compensation, and it is an extremely harmful practice to both clients and designers...

In Their Own Words: Why These Designers are Against Speculative Design Competitions
Sometimes the best way to present a subject is to let those involved speak for themselves. Below you will find an actual forum exchange between members after a potential client posted a logo and web site design
On Contests, Contention and the Creative Process
An essay from the team at NO!SPEC
Although they’re nothing new, design contests are not only on the rise, they are becoming a common way for an enterprise to attempt to procure design items such as logos, posters, websites and other materials...
A Winning Strategy: Industry Awards as a Marketing Tool
by Jeff Fisher, Engineer of Creative Identity, Jeff Fisher LogoMotives
In dealing with the issue of speculative, or "spec," design there is often confusion with the terms "contest" and "competition." A legitimate design "competition" will always be for design work already created by a...
Designers Must Write by Eric Karjaluoto
Early in my career, I was involved in a strange and completely unnecessary rivalry with one of my coworkers. She and I were like oil and water. After years of chilly interaction we actually managed to engage in...
Design Contests Are Dangerous For Your Business
by Robert Wurth, Creative Director, Freshly Squeezed Design
I recently wrote a blog entry on Freshly Squeezed Droplets about Powerball winners and the dangers that a sudden windfall of success can bring – whether it’s in the form of money from a lottery, or customers...
United Way and Speculative Work by Art Javid
The United Way of Greater Toronto recently posted a “Call for Submissions” on their web site, basically inviting thousands of design professionals worldwide to compete for the honor of redesigning the...
Be Creative with Creative Services: 5 Doorways to Building Business by Carolyn Campbell, MA, CPPC
When all is said and done, building a business is not rocket science. But you must reach out and build meaningful relationships by being very clear about who you are, what you offer and how you offer it...
Shopping for Innovation:
What you need to know before hiring a design firm
by Steve Portigal and Niti Bhan
You've read all the articles and can't possibly stomach one more column on the iPod. It's clear that design+innovation is the hot topic for business—with businesspeople taking more active notice of the design...
3 Things You Should Know About Corporate Reports
by Colin Goedecke
The annual report is a company's calling card, with a major role to play in building stakeholder relationships. And these days, when advanced businesses increasingly rely on creativity and added value, getting the...
Why these branding associations? by Jack Yan
Last year, Errol Saldanha spotted a problem among the branding profession: not many of us were in positions where we could affect strategy properly and solve some of the world’s problems. Finance ruled...
The Secret Life of Symbols by Maggie Macnab
Humans have often been called the symbolizing animal. We use words, number, shape, and other deduced imagery to give context to the intangible. This is how we transport and anchor the imagination...
How to Hire and Work with a Graphic Designer (Part 2)
by Kyle Mueller
A contract should be a detailed document outlining what will be provided by you, the client (copy, photographs) what the designer will ultimately produce for you (logo, print materials, web site) and who is responsible...
Are You Choosing the Right Clients? by Charlene Rashkow
There isn't a business owner alive who doesn't want to make his or her
business grow. Of course we all want to make more money, increase client satisfaction and derive great fulfillment from our efforts. But, if you're ...
Funny Things Happen on the Way to the Forums by Jeff Fisher, Engineer of Creative Identity, Jeff Fisher LogoMotives
In late 1998 I finally joined the online design community from my home-based design studio in Portland, Oregon. Having been a one-person operation most of the 27 years I have been in the design field, I did...
Book review: "The Education of a Graphic Designer" by Steven Heller (Allworth Press) by Neil Tortorella
Noted graphic design author and editor, Steven Heller, has added
another title to his list of over ninety books. Actually, The Education
of a Graphic Designer, has been a staple for design educators since...
Book Review: Tad Crawford's "The Graphic Design Business Book"
by Neil Tortorella
Every once in a while, a book comes along that’s destined to be a fixture on your desk. Tad Crawford’s, The Graphic Design Business Book, is just that. As a matter of fact, I doubt you’ll even want to put it on the...
Four Criteria for Hiring a Link Building Service by Scott Hawksworth
One of the best things a business or individual can do to promote a web site is to build relevant links to it. While many try to do it themselves, consideration should be given to the use of a link building service...
Becoming a Little Famous - The Power of Public Relations
by Neil Tortorella
Public Relations (P.R.) can be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolbox. When managed correctly, it can add a lot of credibility to you and your practice, it's often loads less expensive than advertising...
How to Hire and Work with a Graphic Designer (Part 1)
by Kyle Mueller
Are you planning a brand update or starting a new company? This article is for professionals who have needs for graphic design services, and have not worked in the creative field or with creatives before. It is a primer to...
Blogs, Podcasts and All That Stuff by The Cat
If you asked me a month ago about spending my precious time updating an industry or personal blog, I’d say, "Never!" Sure, I have a business blog (now sadly ignored) which I’ve spent time on, but I’ve always...
LogoWorks:  Who is to Blame? by Robert Wurth
One of the first elements of design that any new business must face is its logo. This simple little symbol carries a lot of weight for a company. Being the visually-based creatures that we are, we use logos to help us...
Dear Ms. Bounds by Steve Douglas
You may, or may not, be aware about the Internet backlash regarding the subject of your article on LogoWorks. While I'll leave that debate for others, I read your article and found some quotes and statements that...
A Basic Guide to Printing & Having a Successful Press Check
by Derald Schultz
As your client base grows so will the size and scope of the creative work you do for them. If print design is one of your services, adding print services to your menu will add more value to your business and your...
How to Ask for and Get the Fees You Deserve by Robert Bly
One of the toughest questions beginning and experienced service providers wrestle with is: "How much should I charge?" You probably have a standard fee, or range of fees, you want to charge...
Color Part 2: Formats and Systems by Erin Ferree
There are several color formats and systems available for mixing and specifying colors. Here, we explain three of the most common systems
Planning Your Way to Success by Charlene Rashkow
Whether you are a small company or a larger corporation one of the primary keys to success lies in preparing and following a good marketing plan. You can have the most awesome product or service to offer, but...
Color Part 1: Accuracy by Erin Ferree
Color is one of the most difficult parts of a design to show accurately to a client. Color perception can be affected by many factors...
Build Better Link Popularity with Syndicated Articles
by Scott Hawksworth
There are many schools of thought on how to build strong backlinks to a Web site. Some webmasters build reciprocal links, while others register their site in many directories. Still others do both of those, and rent...
The Essentials of Managing Ethics in Financial Public Relations
by N. Chandramouli

The world has woken up to ethical issues in corporate governance & accounting practices. Corporate heads that were not guillotined were forced hang their heads in retrospective shame. The heads that fell...
Common Myths About Graphic Designer Certification by Caroline Bruckner, R.G.D., Christopher A. Gee, and William Johnston
Discussions about GD certification have always evoked passions on both sides of the debate. However, in discussing this issue on various GD discussion boards and blogs, it's clear that the same myths about...
The Biggest Crime by Stephen Fairley
The biggest crime in small businesses today goes unnoticed by most outsiders. It is not reported in the media. There are no police reports filed and companies do not even mention it on their websites. People don't...
CRM For Beginners: Customer Relationship Management Basics
by Matt Hogansworth
In order to maintain a successful business, the business must understand and maintain a positive relationship with its customers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the process of bringing the customer...
A Simple Way to Get Clients by Ronnie Lebow
In my last article, I discussed why I became a freelance creative. My inbox has been filled with emails asking the same question…so how do I get started? This is not a simple question to answer...
Inspirations, Early Designs and the Test of Time by Jeff Fisher, Engineer of Creative Identity, Jeff Fisher LogoMotives
In initiating this series I took time to sort through box after box of old projects in my basement and look back on nearly thirty years of income producing design. While in high school and college I did get paid for art, illustration and design work. However, I don’t think I would have...
Creative Rights and Leasing A Car by Faith Martin
The rights associated with creative work is one of the most misunderstood areas of this profession. I've been giving it a great deal of thought lately. How do I explain that because you are using a design the copyright doesn't belong to you unless you specifically paid for it?
Marketing Your Web Site on a Shoestring. Some SEO Basics.
by Steve Douglas
You could have been a doctor. A dentist. Mom told you to be a lawyer. Hell, you wouldn't have racked up those student loans in order to be a garbage man (woops -sanitation engineer). But no, you decided that you...
Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone! by Charlene Rashkow
Inherent within the human spirit is a desire for fulfillment, a longing to carry out our creative aspirations by reaching new heights of accomplish-
ment. Yet often the yearning for fulfillment can be suppressed by fear and apprehension. Perhaps we aren’t feeling good enough, smart...
Book Review:
The Quark Xpress Ideabook, The InDesign Ideabook, The PageMaker Ideabook By Chuck Green
by Neil Tortorella
Idea man, Chuck Green, has done it again with three new books that are sure to come to the rescue of newbie graphic designers and veterans...
The Logo Factor by Steve Douglas
Logo design is an integral part of any design studio or freelance business. It allows you to develop a working relationship with a client from the get-go, and dovetails into other areas of design - stationery, web...
Brain Science and Branding by Peter Flaschner
What a time to be alive! Did you know, that just the other day two scientists published separate articles where they described how they used fMRI machines to read the brains of volunteers? Its true. They...
CRM 101: Customer Relationship Management for Beginners
by Scott Hawksworth
Customer Relationship Management, abbreviated “CRM,” is the term for a business strategy that is designed to improve customer service. CRM is also designed to increase customer satisfaction and gain new customers...
Increasing Sales with Strategic Menu Design by Derald Schultz
A menu is much more than a bill of fare; it is a carefully planned guide to direct the patron to your most profitable items and maximize sales. You have an average of two minutes to make the sale, so layout strategy...
Domain Name Dangers by Art Javid
The last thing you have to worry about when running a web site is getting your domain name pulled from right under your feet, often times without you even knowing.
Computer Terminal Stress and Shiatsu — An Introduction
by Grace C. Visconti
The challenge of restrictive guidelines by Keith Bowman
All too often designers view tight project parameters as restrictions on their creativity. True creativity is born in the challenge of restrictive guidelines. The charge of a designer is to examine, define, and deconstruct the guidelines, until they form a core concept built on a solid foundation.
The Value of Corporate Identity by Neil Tortorella
Consider for a moment that you’re a buyer for a company seeking a Polybendum supplier. Now, you know that Polybendum is pretty much the same across the board, so you’re just looking for the lowest price...
Including the Client in the Design Process by Christopher Gee
Most Graphic Designers would cringe at the notion that our clients secretly believe that in the middle of the night, while everyone is asleep, tiny design elves sneak into our studios and complete design work for us.
When, Why and How to Fire a Client by Derald Schultz
The relationship between a graphic designer and a client is very similar to a marriage. It requires trust, loyalty and communication for a successful relationship. In business as in life, relationships do not always last and...
Working for Love or Money...or Both? by Christopher Gee
Graphic designers, and other arts professionals, are faced with this riddle as soon as they enter high school. While their artistic talents may be...
Setting Yourself Apart from Other Designers by Derald Schultz
It requires an honest assessment of yourself, a willingness to step outside your comfort zone, and a consistent desire to develop yourself and your...
Why Freelance? by Ronnie Lebow
So here I am, with the screen open in front of me, and I think the only logical way to begin is to explain why I became a freelancer in the first...
The Art of Creative Strategy by Stephen Gates
Developing the ability to sell a strategy and have your client see it’s value makes it an essential skill to any designer. Over the course my career I have had to learn and adapt how I sell my creative concepts, because...
Finding Balance In A Tilted World by Stephen Fairley
I think most entrepreneurs struggle with similar issues, especially balance. There are many reasons they can give for their lack of life balance and low satisfaction: "I have too much work to do. I just need a few more
The Joys of Diversification by Martha Retallick
One of the biggest problems that designers face is finding new clients. If you’re not pursuing more business, you’re trying to keep projects moving.
How Much Should I Charge? by Jeff Fisher
Think before you ask the question "How much should I charge?". The answer is in the specific questions you ask yourself about a project.
Paying Out of Appreciation or Obligation by Charlene Rashkow
The attitude one has when paying for services rendered is a subject that few people acknowledge or even consider...
20 Tips on Silence and a Few Interesting Ideas on What it Means
from the readers of Quick Online Marketing Tips and brought to you
by Marketing Mentor, Ilise Benun
Convey Credibility Through your Website! by Charlene Rashkow
Your prospects want one thing and one thing only! They want the reassurance that what you say about what you offer is legitimate. Because credibility is crucial to the success of your business, convincing potential...
What Should Designers Study? by Martha Retallick
Young people who are contemplating a design career often seek advice on
what they should study. To them I say...
Good Research: The Basics And The Hidden Truths
by Dave Singleton
What is the role of research in the marketing process? A researcher who conducts on-the-ground information gathering and a marketer who utilizes that information are likely to have very different answers to that question. However, both sides would agree on one point - they want and need to compile good research.
Why Speculative Work is Unethical by Habib Bajrami
Requests for speculative work are a plague on the industry of graphic design. Spec work is work for free without guarantee of compensation, and it is an extremely harmful practice to both clients and designers alike. Requests for spec work in lieu of RFPs are unprofessional, exploitative...
Running American Design Awards by Art Javid
A few years ago when we were seriously contemplating hiring a designer to help us with various projects around the studio, we placed a wanted ad in a few online publications, not knowing what a huge response we would end up getting.
Quality & Implementation: Where Intent Convenes with Integrity
by Grace Visconti
If ever there was a time to implement accreditation nationally, it is now. Recently, I received several emails advertising cheap logos, business cards and stationary. The direct mail advertisement promoting these graphic design services wouldn’t allow me to reply. The advertisement...
Pitching and Winning Assignments Online by Travis N. Tom
As an independent contract designer, it's unsafe to place all of your proverbial eggs in one basket. Thinking one or two clients will keep you afloat is a risky move. What happens if...
Self-Promotion–Finding Your Theme by Kevin Potts
Almost every designer, illustrator and copywriter I’ve spoken with describes "self-design" as a struggle, a task left to the back burner because they "don’t have any ideas" or they "don’t know where to begin."
How to Effectively Handle a Business Down Time!
by Charlene Rashkow
Perhaps you've been experiencing a downtime in your business and feeling as though you've literally hit a wall. The phone has stopped ringing, your e-mail box has nothing but advertisements and it seems as if your business has come to an end.
The Marketing Mentor: an interview with Ilise Benun
It's not the easiest thing to juggle being the chief cook and bottle-washer of your creative enterprise. We tend to wear many hats — creative professional, bookkeeper, office manager, janitor, sales person and marketer. At times, it's tough to not drop a ball or two. One that often falls to the ground is marketing.
Ten Tips for High-Impact Documents by Rob Ashton, Managing Director and Principal Consultant at Emphasis
The personal computer now allows us to create documents to our heart’s content. Yet in most cases, it’s just made it easier to communicate badly in volume. Here’s how to cut through the information overload and get your documents to the top of the pile.
Sending Jobs for Output: A Crash Course by Valarie Martin Stuart of Wavebrain Creative Communications
The most well-designed and effective printed piece is a failure if it can’t be properly output for printing. However, preparing your electronic files for printing isn’t difficult. Just follow these steps.
The Four C's to Designing Success by Linda Fisher, Founder and President of Design Management Resources
You say that you want to be a leader. Leadership is measured in deeds - not words. The leader's path to success is strewn with obstacles: good intentions unfulfilled; unexpected twists and turns causing delays; missed opportunities and missed deadlines due to lack of prioritization.
Postcards: Awareness Tool or Selling Tool? by Martha Retallick, "The Passionate Postcarder"
Are postcards better for building awareness or for selling?
Design by the Books by Jeff Fisher, Engineer of Creative Identity, Jeff Fisher LogoMotives
Since beginning work as a professional graphic designer over 25 years ago I have been collecting a library of books on graphic design, and the business aspects of design, in an attempt to continually educate myself. The suggestions given here will be updated when new list possibilities catch the attention of myself, and others contributing to this site.
NEW feature! Licensed to Design by Christopher A. Gee
Regardless of training, education or experience, the moment a person proclaims themselves a Professional Graphic Designer and accepts even $1 in payment, they are magically transformed into a Professional Graphic Designer and there is nothing official that states otherwise.
GRAPHIC make-overs by Alina Hagen
Let the fun for the month of May begin! This feature is our very own reality show... GRAPHIC make-overs, where you will find real-world design make-overs done by professional designers.
NEW feature! Neil's newbies by Neil Tortorella
New to the biz? Just hanging out your shingle and need 20 years experience overnight? Or maybe you've been on your own for just a year or two and have that occasional sinking feeling because you know there's got to be a better way. Check out Creative Latitude's new section just for for the neophytely challenged, Neil Newbies.
Hitting the Wall by Creative Latitude's industry guru, William Johnston
You may have hit the Wall in your creative career and not even known it. The Wall? The Wall is that point in a creative's career when he or she reachs an obstacle that makes it difficult to carry on. It usually occurs mid-career and can manifest itself in a number of ways.
Of Castles and Bedrooms By John Silver
Design is a problem-solving exploit. It is a certain hijacking of form and a commandeering of function. Careful though. If you can imagine an electrician standing in a puddle of water with a live wire in both hands preparing to splice the two together - you won't be far from the reality of our industry.
Refrigerator Door Mindshare by Martha Retallick, "The Passionate Postcarder"
If you want to design effective postcards, then aim for "Refrigerator Door Mindshare."

Handling Tough Questions by C.J. Hayden
Preparation is the key to becoming confident when speaking with prospective customers. Handling an inquiry, placing a follow-up call, or making a presentation, are all situations where you can expect your prospects to ask questions. Unfortunately we sometimes prepare for only the questions we want to hear, and not the tougher ones clients will ask.

When a "contest" is not a contest by Jeff Fisher, Engineer of Creative Identity, Jeff Fisher LogoMotives
It may bark like a dog and look like a dog but, is it really always a dog? A similar query may arise with many “design contests,” especially those popping up all over the Internet on a daily basis.
Starting a creative practice with a degree ... but no experience
by Neil Tortorella
Here's a quandary that's, unfortunately, not too unusual. You graduate from art/design school with a killer book, high grades and a load of ambition. You also have no job ... no internship ... no nothin.' The market's down and there've been mass layoffs at the design firms and ad agencies. You've mailed out hundreds of resumes and it's still no soap. What's a newbie to do?
Convincing Clients of Design as an Investment/Partner
by Chris Gee
Graphic design is not art. It sounds obvious but sometimes needs saying and reiterating. Art exists for art’s sake; graphic design is a business tool and exists to enhance communication of ideas, messages and thoughts. Yet there is an age old disconnect between those who do graphic design and those who pay for graphic design services.
What Design Firms Need to Know to Survive-and Thrive-in the Global Marketplace of 2004 by Linda Fisher
Today, we are standing at a threshold in the business world, fraught with peril, yet, full of possibilities. It is a time filled with new kinds of challenges and uncertainties. Recent corporate scandals, economic downturns and up ticks, and global corporate repositioning have catapulted business into a period of great transition. Inevitably, tremendous opportunities arise in times of transition. Is your design business in a position to take full advantage of these opportunities?
Marketing’s Altered States by Cheryl Swanson
Marketing trends for the forseeable future reunite us with the myths and fantasies from which we’ve become disconnected in this time-pressed, sleep-deprived “Survival of the Fastest” era.
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