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Neil Tortorella is a veteran graphic designer, writer and marketing consultant with over 30 years' experience in developing identities, collateral and web solutions for both large and small companies. Based in the Greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida area, Tortorella Design has received numerous awards for design excellence.




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Neil Tortorella
Chief Copywriter, Site Strategy
Editor: Neil's newbies

Neil's an independent designer in Northeast Ohio, which, as we all know, is the graphic design center of the known universe. Tortorella Design World Headquarters is located in a cozy place upstairs at 1419 Schneider Street, a far cry from the snazzy offices, with custom made furniture no less, he had in the bustling metropolis of Hartville, Ohio (population 12, not counting cows and chickens). But, he's no fool (contrary to popular opinion). He lost the heavy duty overhead and offers more services than he did back then.

He wrote most of the warped copy you see on this site. We keep trying to get him to take his medication, but noooo, he won't listen. The really weird thing is that Neil's writing this right now. He doesn't know it, though. I'm his evil twin who's taken over. Don't tell him, okay? It'll ruin all the fun.

Neil started in the business at 17, way back in the dark ages (circa 1973) as a freelance photographer. His first project was a series of books for the Pendulum Press, a Connecticut publisher of educational books. After being published (and paid) he was pretty much hooked.

Prior to starting Tortorella Design, Neil held positions as Corporate Art Director for Alo Cosmetics, a Suburban Division Marketing Manager for the Miami Herald and Director of Production for Ohio Week Magazine. He started Tortorella Design in 1986 with 50 bucks, USD.

Theses days, Neil focuses on small business, providing collateral materials, identity and web design along with branding, writing and marketing consultation. His clients have included The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Continental Tire, American Mensa, Ltd, Delphi/Volvo, The Stark Development Board, The Pro Football Hall of Fame, The M.A. Hanna Company (now PolyOne), Bridal Fair Magazine, EcoLab along with Ilise Benun and Peleg Top's Marketing Mentor. He's won his fair share of awards, several of which can be found either in the trunk of his car or under his bed.

Neil is also the editor of Creative Latitude's section for those new to hanging out their shingles, Neil's Newbies.

When Neil's not chained to his trusty Mac, he can be found peddling himself around on his bike, hurting himself at the gym, doing his Jimi Hendricks impression on his guitar or playing with his son, who's the smartest kid on the planet. Proud? – Nah.

His site can be found at

In addition, Neil is a partner at FastCoconut, a web design company formed from Creative Latitude members to tackle large web projects.

Check out Neil's Blog — Inside the Marketing Mind: Thoughs, ideas and resources for getting the word out — Especially for independent professionals and small businesses.

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