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Join Creative Latitude, become a better creative, end world hunger and bring about lasting world peace

Okay, maybe the subhead is a bit much, but Creative Latitude does offer the opportunity to align your practice with a group of like-minded souls and get some added promotion for yourself. That sure can't hurt.

Please do not send in your profile if you have not linked back to Creative Latitude. Read the link to us to see how little we require.

Note: Good intentions aside, it's been our experience that 99% of those who do not link when sending in the form never do. Meaning we go through the voting process, send out the request for links ... and nadda. Yeah, we realise it's a pain to add a link or the logo if you are not sure, but we just do not have the time anymore to double up the process. We are strapped for time these days and have had to make this difficult decision due to past experience.

To join up, simply fill out the form and click, 'Submit'.

After we review your site and accept you into Creative Latitude, we'll let you know via email.

If you have not received an email of acceptance by the end of the month, then please reread the criteria and resubmit if you've cleared up the outstanding problems. Please do not email asking why as we most likely won't have the time to respond.

Pretty easy, eh? Soon clients will be knocking down your door. Your knowledge of creative business will expand and you will reach true enlightenment. The opposite gender will desire you. Maybe the same gender will desire you. Your bank account will swell. Your waistline will shrink ...

... or not. But, you'll be in the company of like-minded creatives, have a nifty place to post your news and submit your articles. Plus there's all those hotsy totsy resources and you own profile page.

To maintain a quality standard, Creative Latitude reviews all requests to join.

Some of the criteria we consider are:

1) A portfolio of work must be presented on the professional's website*. This work must have functioning links and be of a quality level that enhances not only the creative professional's abilities, but also the Creative Latitude community in general.

2) The site must hold its own domain and not fall under service providers offering free pages. It's important to be established as a legitimate business rather than possibly risk appearing as a personal or hobby site.

3) The navigation must be clear and in working order. We don't want to lose people's interest because of cumbersome, unclear, or non-working navigation and links. Please do not send in sites under construction.

4) The site must also load fast enough so as not to frustrate the viewer, causing him/her to leave the site altogether and form an unfavorable impression of the professional, and of Creative Latitude.

5) While "good" design is somewhat subjective, we do request the work shows the professional's understanding and mastering of basic design principals and concepts. It should demonstrate skills in both design concept and technology.

6) The site must meet high business and communication standards. Incorrect, distasteful, irreverent language and content will not be accepted. There cannot be any typographical errors (typos).

7) Must be a pro with a few years under your belt and have real live clients. We would like to see (though this is merely a guideline) at least three years in business or freelancing.

8) The site should have an easy to find reciprocal linking page where you are wearing your membership to Creative Latitude with pride. Be sure to send the URL along with your submission or you will not be considered.

9) You don't promote your practice based on price. It's just bad business and bad for the industry. Plus, you may just end up painting yourself into a corner when Nike comes a callin'. (read Habib’s article on the subject).

10) No hotmail, yahoo, or type email addresses.

11) Your family actually knows what you do for a living.

12) You can recite Homer's Iliad from start to finish while juggling a ball, a bowling pin and a chain saw.

13) Oh, and no PITAs – it just tends to get tough on all of us sitting here all day in front of our computers.

Remember, your profile will be added only if you have linked to us.

*Please note: a splash page with a redirect to will be accepted, but only if the work is of a high standard.

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